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In our effort to help clients provide the utmost protection for all of their facilities and it's occupants, we are working with the only lab in the world that provides a quantitative result on the surface and air samples for COVID-19,
influenza, and all levels of bacteria.
Covid 19
Continuous Air Monitoring
Are you concerned about COVID-19 exposure in your facility? We offer revolutionary air sampling devices that can capture airborne bacteria and viruses. Early detection will give you the ability to identify exposure and remove the threat before it spreads. The equipment is compact and quiet, creating no disturbance to daily routines.
Image by Mufid Majnun
COVID-19 and Influenza
Environmental Testing
If your facility has experienced a COVID-19 or influenza exposure, we can provide support by performing surface and air samples to determine when it is safe for reentry. We will work to identify the needed areas for testing, obtain samples and ship them immediately to the lab for analysis. These tests and results will ensure your facility is safe for reentry, and ease the minds of occupants, while providing the essential information and documentation to open your doors sooner.
Sanitizing Surfaces
Pre/Post Cleaning Analysis
The recent viral outbreak has caused an increased demand for effective cleaning services. To ensure your facility is properly sanitized, we offer pre/post cleaning analysis. The ability to compare before and after results will allow you to assess the efficiency of your cleaning staff.
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