Vent Cleaning in Nashville, TN

Before and After of Air Vent Cleaning in Dickson, TN, Franklin, TN, Nashville, Pegram

It is easy to overlook your dryer vents, but you will start to notice the effects of clogged dryer vents at your Nashville, TN home. Before things get really bad and a fire starts, call our team at Pure Air UV today to have us perform a full vent cleaning. While your dryer does have a lint trap, it doesn’t catch everything and what gets by will end up going through the dryer vent. At least, that’s the hope, but in truth there are many things that the lint can get snagged on in your dryer vent, and then it gets lodged and causes a constriction that leads to more problems. Contact us today to correct this issue and keep your dryer working for longer.

How To Tell That Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

So what can you be looking for that will tell you that your dryer vents need cleaning? One of the early signs is that a regular drying cycle no longer full dries your clothes. There could be other reasons why your dryer isn’t working as efficiently as possible, but a clogged vent is most likely as it prevents the proper movement of warm, moist air away from the clothes to dry them.

Another sign that you may find is one that might catch you by surprise the first time it happens. Your dryer is hotter than normal when you touch it. This is caused by the warm air not being released as quickly due to the clogged dryer vent, which increases the temperature of the body of the dryer. It is possible that you may also notice a slight burning smell as well. This again is another sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned properly for better operations.

Invest in Your Equipment to Keep It Running

When your dryer needs to work harder just to try a single load of clothes, you end up getting less quality use of your dryer. In addition to that, your dryer will have a shorter life because a clogged dryer vent causes more wear and tear on the equipment in your dryer. Having a clean dryer vent means the elimination of the potential for a fire, plus extending the longevity of your dryer, and having your clothes dry in just a single cycle.

Dryer vent cleaning in Nashville, Tennessee is important for a number of reasons that we discussed. Along with cleaning out the lint trap on your dryer every time you use it, being aware of the signs of a clogged dryer vent will ensure that you are keeping you and your family safe. Contact Pure Air UV today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning.